"Servicemen and women from the West Indies pictured in a BBC studio broadcasting messages home on the weekly overseas service, 19 October 1943. From left to right: Private Norma Marsh and Aircraftman Arthur Chin (both from Kingston, Jamaica); Private Nellie Forrester (from Montego Bay, Jamaica), Sapper Darnley Watts (of St Michael’s, Barbados); Nurse Vernice Lewis and Aircraftman Edwin Angus (both of Kingston, Jamaica); Pilot Officer Charles Egerton-Eves (of Stann Creek, British Honduras). On the far left of the photograph is Una Marson of the BBC."

Egerton-Eves, DFC, of 357 Squadron, was killed on 20 May 1945 when his Douglas Dakota was lost while on detachment to China. Arthur Chin died in India a year after the war, on 26 November 1946, while serving as a pilot with 34 Squadron.

SBD Dauntless by D. Sheley on Flickr.

"Thick cloud cover around a pair of U.S. Navy Douglas SBD Dauntless torpedo dive bombers,en route to targets during raids on Wake Island; October 5,1943."

"Reggio, 3 September 1943 (Operation Baytown): A Sherman tank and infantry advance north from Reggio. Although the British Eighth Army encountered little active resistance during their advance, the natural obstructions of the terrain, combined with German demolition’s resulted in very slow progress and prevented the Army from intervening in the fighting at Salerno until after the Germans had started to withdraw."

"Canadian troops of the Carleton and York Regiment, 3rd Infantry Brigade, move inland from the Sicilian beaches, 13 July 1943."