"Colour transparency depicting an RAF Coastal Command Avro Shackleton MR.2 of No 228 Squadron RAF by Longships Lighthouse, Land’s End, Cornwall, circa 1957."

"Westland Wapiti Mark IIA aircraft, serial numbers K1248, J9512 and K1282, of ‘X’ Flight, No. 31 Squadron, RAF, flying in line abreast formation over the North West Frontier of India, 1930s."

An overhead shot of a BAE Hawk belonging to the Royal Air Force’s Red Arrows display team

"The RAF’s top scoring fighter pilot flying in north west Europe, Wing Commander Johnny Johnson, seen with his pet Labrador dog ‘Sally’, 31 July 1944. He recorded 38 victories, though at the time of the photograph his total was 35. He commanded No 127 Wing composed of three Canadian Spitfire squadrons. The decorations on his tunic are a DSO with two Bars and a DFC with one Bar."

"A Douglas Dakota of BOAC, silhouetted by night at Gibraltar by the batteries of searchlights on the Rock, as it is prepared for a flight to the United Kingdom."