"Lance Bombardier Jack Grundy, of 441 Battery, 128 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, 50 Division, during his seven days privilege leave with his family. Jack Grundy comes home to Irby, Cheshire on leave and embraces his wife Dorothy, while his two children Randall and Gilda look on, 14 April 1944."




A tribute to ROGER EBERT

No, that’s okay. I definitely needed to cry over a comic today. That is fine.

oooh I am crying right now

Pre-Great War British Artillery by hliguy on Flickr.

“This is a 3 1/4” x 5 1/4” mounted photo of a 1910’ish Lance Corporal in the Royal Horse Artillery holding his young son. The spur insignia just above his L.Cpl’s stripe indicates that he is a riding instructor. They didn’t call it the HORSE artillery for nothing.”


Picture of the Day

NBA basketball star with “Jewish roots” Amare Stoudamire instagrammed the above picture yesterday prior to going under the knife for knee surgery.. the caption included with the picture is an integral part of the potd..

Life In Israel