"After the battle of the Atbara: funeral on the field of those who fell", The Graphic, 1898

The battle occurred during the Second Sudan War, between British-Egyptian forces and the Mahdist Sudanese.


If adventures do not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad - Jane Austen


Art Deco. I think it’s the simplicity that lends it elegance. 

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An advert for ‘Professor Modevi’s Beard Generator’, Illustrated Police News, 4 April 1885.

Yes, please.

The Royal Navy battleship HMS Victoria sinking off Tripoli, Lebanon, with the loss of 358 crew, after being accidentally rammed by HMS Camperdown on 22 June 1893.

"All fire and no smoke, a very Good Flint or a very Good Steel, do you want a Good Flint and Steel."