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"In this photograph we can see a group of soldiers, a Highlander and Indian Dogras, sitting in a trench, 1915."

"Sikh soldiers of 29th Indian Infantry Brigade rest in a trench, probably in the Cape Helles area. They are armed with Short Magazine Lee Enfield Rifles (SMLE). Their brigade landed at Gallipoli on 1 May 1915."

"Westland Wapiti Mark IIA aircraft, serial numbers K1248, J9512 and K1282, of ‘X’ Flight, No. 31 Squadron, RAF, flying in line abreast formation over the North West Frontier of India, 1930s."

"On the Way Home From the Afghan War: Wounded Soldiers at the Allahabad Railway Station", The Illustrated London News, 1880. 

"The Charge of the Gordon Highlanders at Dargai" by Allan Stewart

The battle took place in 1897 during an uprising by tribes in the restive North West Frontier, British India. Piper George Findlater won the Victoria Cross at Dargai for continuing to play “The Haughs O’Cromdale” in spite of wounds. He went onto become something of a celebrity through performing in music halls, much to the displeasure of army officials.