"A British soldier carries a little girl through the devastation of Caen, France, 10 July 1944."

Tom Finney (left) and Nat Lofthouse at Stamford Bridge during an England training session, November 1955.

"Belgian refugees being taken to the rear in A.S.C. horse-Wagons, Courtrai, 20 October 1918. Courtrai had been entered by the British 36th Division, 15th October."

"New recruits for the 40th (Jewish) Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers, marching with their relatives to the station at Jaffa to entrain for their training centre at Helmieh, Summer 1918."


Billy Liddell runs out of tunnel with the club mascot and also Roy Saunders and Doug Rudham in background during the1950s. Ask any Liverpool fan who the greatest player of all time was, and those with any sense of history will say, Billy Liddell. So loved and respected was he the club was known as ‘Liddellpool’ during the 1950s.

His extraordinary standing is made all the more powerful in that he won just the 1946-47 League title and an FA Cup runner’s up medal in 1950. A true gentleman who was never booked, he studied accountancy and rarely had time to train, and yet he was a goal scorer of legendary ability. He notched up 492 appearances and 215 goals and a further 26 wartime games and 18 goals. 

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"Demobilized British soldiers handing in their rifles before boarding the Rhine steamer at Cologne, Germany, which took them to Rotterdam on their way to England, c. 1919."

Ian Rush of Liverpool FC celebrates the scoring of a goal against rivals Everton in the Merseyside Derby.

"Leave: A British soldier and his girlfriend sledging in the snow at Epsom, Christmas 1914."