A barricade manned by an Australian Lewis Gun crew during the assault on Peronne and St. Quentin.  When Germany lost control of these two towns, they effectively lost control of the Somme River battle area and pulled back to the Hindenburg Line, 2 Sept., 1918…

"British Colonial Horse Regiment attached to 3rd Belgian Lancers, 1914"

Presumably the ‘Legion of Frontiersmen’

"In August 1914 the Sherwood Foresters consisted of eight battalions. During the War the regiment expanded to 33 battalions, of whom 20 served overseas. Over 140,000 men from the counties of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire served in the regiment during the war. The contingent pictured are marching along the Amiens-St. Quentin Road from Foucancourt, 1917."

"In this photograph we can see a group of soldiers, a Highlander and Indian Dogras, sitting in a trench, 1915."

A poster from the First World War: “Don’t Pity a Disabled Man-Find him a job. YMCA logo. Side bar with “Phone Regent 4030 The Red Triangle Employment Bureau for Ex-service men, 102 Dean St. W.1. or your local Employment Exchange”

"British troops entering Peronne, March 1917, after the German Army abandoned it during the withdrawal to the Hindenburg Line."

"Men of the 9th London Regiment (Queen Victoria’s Rifles) during a break in training on Hampstead Heath in December 1914."